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Lacuna Comic Available

This week is the launch of the first Chris “Lacuna” Jameson comic!

I’m incredibly excited because this is my very first attempt at creating a comic. The story is a collaboration between myself and RPG creator and writer Ed Jowett, with the assistance of seasoned comic writer Johnathan Lewis and the incredible art of Rudi Roelff, and Sathit Kaew.


This is the first in a planned universe of stories focused on a world where powers have only just begun to surface around the globe. Each character reacts in their own unique and sometimes troubled way to this sudden change and when they meet, things can get even more interesting. Though Chris is a teenager living in Chicago, the Empowered universe is more than just an American teen story. There are characters from all over the world whose stories have only just begun and I can’t wait for you to meet them. We hope that there will be enough interest in this world that we can develop the other heroes and villains in their own comics.

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With your help, we can finish funding the art for Lacuna’s first story and get a good start on his second. Throughout the Kickstarter event I plan to post articles about what I’ve learned while writing this comic (and there have been so many opportunities to learn!) so take a look at my blog for some writing details.

Please take a minute to check out our Kickstarter page, support if you can or pass it along to anyone who might enjoy an indie comic about a kid who no one expects to end up a hero.

Until next time, stay groovy!




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