Lyres now 100% Funded

Thanks to everyone who believes in this unique game, the Era: Lyres RPG is completely funded!!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to get in and choose a reward or secure your very own copy there’s still plenty of time. Head on over to Kickstarter and check out everything Lyres has to offer. There are Stretch goals to be met and perhaps a few early bird specials as well!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Shades of Vengeance on this project. It was my first opportunity to create pieces of fiction that were expressly funny. I love humor and if you ask any ten people they’ll tell you that I think I’m hilarious, though I found it challenging to create pieces that others would think laughable.

Check out what I’ve done so far and let me know what you think. Should I keep writing funny or is it time to hang up those big red shoes?

Lyres Stories


– A


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