Uncle Hugo’s

I had the good fortune this past weekend to visit Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore. It was a random bit of fate that my hotel room looked out across the street and like a beacon the street lamps lit up the shop’s sign.

If you’ve never had the pleasure I highly recommend stopping by; it’s a book lovers dream. Floor to ceiling shelves carry the largest selection of used titles I have ever seen. Stacks of overstuffed boxes create twisting columns that are a delight to peruse. My only complaint was that I arrived too late to do more than a few minutes sifting.

The staff I met were very helpful and had plenty to say about the world of science fiction literature. I’m rather new to the scene when it comes to modern sci-fi. I’m a fan of Asimov, Piers Anthony and the older writers but I haven’t read too much that’s been printed since the 80’s. Much to my detriment I’m sure!

The folks at Uncle Hugo’s were happy to give me a ton of useful information and I was even directed to a Minneapolis based networking group. The Geek Partnership Society is a community of driven folks who work hard at creating and maintaining a place for this unique culture. I applaud what they’re doing and even though I don’t live in the city I hope to join them.


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