The Books

Feed The Machine (2018)

Coming Fall 2018

Era: The Empowered (2018)

Era: The Empowered is a core rpg rulebook from Shades of Vengeance. I had the good fortune to write quite a few stories for this compendium. The book will be out soon and can be found at the Shades of Vengeance website.

Lacuna Comic (2016)

This collaborative project between myself and Ed Jowett from Shades of Vengeance is my first foray into the world of comic book creation. We plan to create a total of three books telling the story of Chris "Lacuna" Jameson as he navigates his own journey to becoming a hero. Check out the Comixology page for more information.

Universal Anxiety (2016)

Finding a job in the city can be tough for anybody, just ask Albert. This mixed media presentation is currently in production and we'll be posting news, story shorts, and concept art as things get nailed down. Join us as we work through our first audio show!

Era: Lyres (2015)

Lyres is a unique role playing game where the players develop the story. This fun and fast paced rpg has a fantasy setting and inspires hours of laughs. I had the privilege of writing several stories for the Lyres rulebook and you can find a few here:

Era: The Consortium (2014)

Era: The Consortium is a sweeping, science fiction role playing game with over 500 years of history. Play along with the rise and fall of corporations, the discovery of alien species and the battles and intrigues which make this game so enthralling. I wrote quite a few stories for this game, here is an excerpt from one: